We have a glorious Late-Summer-Special for YOU

5 days of Profi Training with 2 classes each day:

Contemporary Class with Marion Sparber and Partnering Workshop with Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes Guerra.


Monday 13.09.2021 until Friday 17.09.2021
08.45 - 10.15 From Inside to Outside Contemporary Class with Marion
10.45 – 12.15 Shared Levitation Partnering with Marion and Alan


Contemporary class: 40 € (5 x 90 min)
Partnering Workshop: 40 € (5 x 90 min)
Contemporary Class + Partnering Workshop: 70 € (10 x 90 min)


We highly recommend to take part in both classes to dive in deeply.

It is only possible to register for the whole week, you can not take single classes. The number of places are limited.

In order to register write your name and which classes you want to join (contemporary/partnering/both) to

latest until the 31.08.2021


HALLE 2 - Grüner Weg 15-17, 34117 Kassel (SOZO visions in motion)