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Tanz*werk kassel e.V. is the union of the professional independent dance scene in Kassel.

We stand for:

  • Experimentation and innovative dance concepts

  • Examination of different artistic positions in contemporary dance

  • Aesthetic diversity and cross-genre cooperation

  • Promotion of young talent and differentiated professional dance education

  • the publication of the dance calendar, which publishes the events of the independent dance scene in Kassel every two months

Our goal is the sustainable development of contemporary dance in Kassel and the creation of the necessary professional production conditions. In the future, we are working towards a dance house for Kassel as a production and performance facility for contemporary dance.

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For 25 years there has been a lively and steadily growing free contemporary dance scene in Kassel. The city's cultural life is enriched by diverse and exciting dance productions as well as cultural and educational offers. In addition, a technical school for contemporary dance has been ensuring the best-trained young dance talent since 2007.


A few years ago, the actors of the independent contemporary Kassel dance scene joined forces in tanz*werk kassel with the aim of further improving the working conditions for the producers and strengthening contemporary dance in Kassel and the region as an important part of culture.


Tanz*werk kassel has been a non-profit association since 2019, which is committed to the development of future-creating structures for the contemporary dance scene in Kassel.


You can support the association with a supporting membership or become an active member of our association as a freelance dance artist.

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