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This autumn on the streets of Kassel...

Performance series in the public space of Kassel

Alternative locations will be used for short performances.

A format of performances and contemporary dance on various themes that does not take place at usual performance venues.

A selection of pieces


Der Lauf der Dinge - anarchivische AugenBlicke
The course of events - archive eyes

A treasure trove of traces of past times come together to create new images.
"The course of things" is the second part of an archival investigation of three dancers from tanz * werk kassel.
If in the first part "3 Ways Green" it was music and movement elements that underwent a change in meaning in a different context, in "The Course of Things" it is objects from different works that are put into a new context and the dance-like "course of things " to inspire.

With Bettina Helmrich, Deborah Smith Wicke, Heike Wrede

17./18. October 7pm
in cooperation with the KunstBalkon Kassel
Frankfurterstrasse 62


Drei Wege Grün
Three ways green

In the sadness of a subway, 3 women meet, dancing and indulging in their own music. With recurring dance steps they cross the underground tunnels until their paths cross. In the course of time, one look, a synchronous movement, the adjustment of the rhythm from 3 solos creates 1 trio.

With this site-specific performance, tanz * werk Kassel is opening its series Sneaky Leaks - short pieces in public places. The Kassel dancers and choreographers Bettina Helmrich, Deborah Smith Wicke, Heike Wrede, (Mareike Steffens) have been working on various formats on the subject of archiving for some time.
Music and movement material was extracted from each individual's past dance pieces and put together in a new composition.

An exciting performance in an unusual place.


Thursday 3.09.2020 | 5 p.m. | Underpass Fünffensterstrasse / Steinweg


Sun. 09/6/2020 | 5 p.m. | Underpass Fünffensterstrasse / Steinweg

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