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Tanz*werk Kassel dancers perform as special guests at Frankfurt’s 4th Edition of IMPRO_RING from 7th to 17th June.

In different constellations, eight Tanz*werk members Bettina Helmrich, Gabriela Branco, Chiara Leonardi, Aurora Magrì, Christa Stöffelbauer, Dalia Velandia and Deborah Smith-Wicke participate in five-minute dance improvisation, which will be broadcasted on the homepage of the Gallus theater Frankfurt and Instagram @ gallustheater.ffm.

Sometimes individually, sometimes as a duet, but always stylistically completely free and naturally in the moment, as is always the case at IMPRO_RING. IMPRO_RING starts from the basic assumption that every space/place can become something special if filled with artful intentions. All that is needed is a designation, a delimitation, something that assigns a meaning, a function, and a framework to the space. A dialogue begins, the relations between the "within" and the "without", “inside” and “outside” the boundaries. Within the framework of the IMPRO_RING, all participants enjoy their freedom of action: to dance alone, in pairs, in groups, to move, to remain rigid, to interact or not, inclusion and exclusion, to enter or leave the RING.

The idea to cooperate with Tanz*werk Kassel came to Raffaele Irace (initiator of the IMPRO_RING) during one of his guest residencies as artistic director of this year's tanz*werke 2021 short piece edition in Kassel. All videos of the 4th Edition of IMPRO_RING will also be available on our homepage.

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