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Happy together

The dance piece "Happy Together" - created by 8 dancers who couldn't be more different in their preferences and dance language - it is based on the dramaturgical principle of a sitcom.

The events follow a circling dramaturgy and take place in recurring locations.

The 8 actors meet for an artistically humorous dialogue that shows the different aesthetic approaches of the individual and yet bundles the diversity into a common dance piece.
This creates a statement on current events in the independent Kassel dance scene, which can be seen as an exciting step in the collaboration between tanz*werk kassel.

With Bettina Helmrich, Miriam Henß, Pamela Hering, Birgit Kaiser, Deborah Smith-Wicke, Evelin Stadler, Heike Wrede, Mareike Steffens

Dec 15 - Dec 16, 2018
Kulturhaus Dock 4

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