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tanz*werk kassel is on its way!
On the way to a dance house for Kassel.

After we received the federal funding Tanzpakt for our concept "Tanzhaus temporär" last year with the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Kassel, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and various foundations and sponsors, we will start with our first Tanzhaus temporär N° 1 in September. With the idea of the "Tanzhaus temporär", tanz*werk kassel e.V. wants to show that the dance makers in Kassel have the potential to host a stationary dance house. We want a venue for dance and performance with a stage and rehearsal rooms. We think that the time is ripe for this in Kassel.

Over the next two years, tanz*werk kassel e.V. - an association of dance professionals from the independent dance scene in Kassel - will regularly organise temporary dance houses in Kassel with performances, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, etc. with artists from the Kassel dance scene as well as with artists from Germany and Europe. In addition, an international dance festival will be realised in 2023 and a symposium on current topics in dance in 2024. Dates, venues and information about the events will be published via the dance calendar, the tanz*werk website and the local press.

Kassel can look forward to two years of interesting dance programming from the independent dance scene.

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