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RAW. tanz*werke 2023

31st October - 5th November 

Kulturhaus Dock 4, Halle, Deck 1, Hof | Elizabeth Kirche

RAW. tanz*werke 2023 is the title of the dance and performance festival organized by tanz*werk Kassel. It is the first dance festival of its kind and will take place in Kassel from Oct. 31-Nov. 5, 2023. The festival offers the audience the opportunity to see dance pieces from Kassel as well as from different cities in Germany. Under the term RAW [raw /r ɔː /: raw, pure, elemental, orginal, impulsive, un- falsified, naked], pieces will be shown that deal concretely with the body, have a strong physicality, and work on elemental themes of contemporary dance and performance. Exceptional artists are invited, whose signature in cross-genre works depicts the necessary form-finding for socially relevant content, or who give contemporary dance visibility in Kassel by performing in public spaces.


From the curators:

It's an invitation to sense body and space. Only when we relate to the body and relate to space, we can sense the essence. Each piece we have chosen has its own special dimension of RAWNESS. The themes of the pieces deal with emotions ranging from love and belonging to disappointment, destruction, and suffering. They portray a connection to nature and the elements of this planet as well as everyday layers of society, social and human needs to fantasize, dream and escape. Come and discover what RAWness could be for you.

Take a look at our two workshops and dare to move with us live in the studio. For those deciding to dive in the whole week, we have a festival ticket at an amazing price. 

Warmly, Verena Piwonka and Deborah Smith-Wicke

Info, registration, advance booking, tickets:

Double evening ticket 18 € | reduced 12 € 

Single ticket 12 € | reduced 8 €

Festival ticket 100 € | reduced 65 €

3-ticket 30 € | reduced 20 € 

5-ticket 48 € | reduced 34 €

3-ticket double-evening 45 € | reduced 30 € 

5-ticket double-evening 75 € | reduced 50 €

Workshop single 20 € | reduced 15 € 

Workshops double 35 € | reduced 25 €

Festival program (download)


Tue 31. 10. 2023 | 7 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1

Double Evening Tuesday Part 1

Niemals genug Hände, um uns zu entknoten.

Niemals genug Hände, um uns zu entknoten.


You see nothing, it's there. Invisible engraved into the memory of the air. The hairs on your neck stand up, measuring the tension. It spits. Too much friction. What was liquid becomes sticky and solid. What if we accept being connected with each other, with pain and with pleasures? 

We accept the dependency. Move within our powerlessness, power, and the in-between. Identify ourselves with other species and listen to the sounds of mushrooms. Let's expand our androcentric perspective and slip into a world of fluid identities!

Choreography, Performance: Sophie Sengle, Franziska Ullrich

Tue 31. 10. 2023 | 8 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Double Evening Tuesday Part 2

A signal that travels down through your heart episode #1

A signal that travels down through your heart episode #1

…is a kinetic eulogy to romantic love, where stereotypical narratives about being-in-love fall short. What happens when the sensory environment, as a key point of reference, is deconstructed and love is described simultaneously not by two, but by three female bodies in the contemporary era? Throughout the kinetic vocabulary through the analytical research on modern reflection of romance, the piece unfolds the hidden aspect of love, beyond the roots of patriarchy to revisit and redefine the concept of love itself.

Artistic direction: Eva Georgitsopoulou 
Dramaturgy: So Young H. Kim 
Performance - Movement Research: Sevasti Zafeira, Tamae Yoneda, Eva Georgitsopoulou

Wed 1.11. 2023 | 6 pm | Elisabethkirche Friedrichsplatz
Double Evening Wednesday Part 1

BALG – teneri frammenti

BALG - teneri frammenti

Based on the triptych "The Great Crucifixion" by the painter Karsten Kraft, this evening touches on the textures of pain in an interplay of music, dance and video projections. Their haptic perceptibility and the limits of this perception are repeatedly questioned in multiple reflections. Revealed and concealed at the same time, the unprotected body is thrown back on its humanity and captured by it. Following the different formal and tonal languages of baroque and contemporary organ music, a choreography is created that expands the concept of the dance solo in a dialogue between live performance and video.

Concept: Evelin Stadler / Martin Lücker
Choreography,Dance, Video: Evelin Stadler
Organ: Martin Lücker
Music: G.Frescobaldi, J.P.Sweelinck, O.Messiaen, F.Gerhardt, K.Huber 
Costume idea: Giuseppe de Filippis

Wed 1.11. 2023 | 8 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Double Evening Wednesday Part 2

Nowhere_Jörg Siemers


For a third of our lives, we give free rein to our imagination by dreaming. As soon as we are awake, however, we resist this and use the filters of logic and efficiency in our modern world. As helpful as these filters can be, we thereby reduce our environment to categories and stereotypes and deprive ourselves of infinite perception. 

"nowhere" focuses on the positive power of dreaming and transports us into a world in which everything is possible. A world in which everything can communicate with everything else. A world in which our certainties and categories dissolve and we can distance ourselves from our apparent clarities

Concept, Choreography, Dance: Cristiana Casadio
Outside Eye, Artistic supervision: Brit Rodemund, Julia Christ, Stefan Sing
Lighting: Citronella Antholz
Production: Julia Peters

Thu 2. 11. 2023 | 6 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Halle
Double Evening Thursday Part 1



CAPTURES aims to investigate and explore the body as a calligraphic sign that underlines, emphasizes, dialogues and interacts with space and its historical memory. The body adapts and resonates with the vibration of each context, it is not alien to nor can be separated from the historical layers that fluctuate in each place: its state changes according to the environment, its movement writes and describes, becoming voice and presence of what is apparently silence and absence. We create a dialogue between the body and the genius loci – the spirit of the place. 

- a series of stop-motion videos and photographs that narrate our exploration throughout the different locations, all of them characterized by a strong historical imprint

- a live performance that gives body on-site by tri-dimensionalizing the video documentation, using the same strategic principle and interacting directly with the existing performing space, connecting the audience with the physical presence.

Research and performance: Rosalie Wanka and Paola Evelina

Thu 2. 11. 2023 | 8 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Double Evening Thursday Part 2

Die Wende. Allein unter Fremden.

Die Wende. Aufgewachsen unter normalen Leuten.

"There are no tides on the Baltic Sea. The wave that washed over us in the 90s swept many off their feet".

How does one find one's way in a new reality, when the world as one knew it is disappearing uncontrollably, and when the feelings it evokes seem worthless, as in the defunct GDR? Born in Rostock in 1987, Lukas Steltner deals with the place of his childhood and youth by mixing elements of breaking and contemporary dance with live projections, soundscapes, texts from research and fragments of his own memories.

Choreography | Dance: Lukas Steltner
Video art: Lucian Patermann
Sound concept | Design: Cornelia Friederike Müller (CFM)

Fri 3. 11. 2023 | 7 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Foyer
Double Evening Friday Part 1

Ytong©J. Zielinski


The soles of the flamenco shoes are prepared with steel spikes. I stand on the yton stone and dance a zapateado - without slipping. The stone breaks and is ground to dust by the spikes. The dance is an act of destruction and at the same time a sculptural process.

Concept / Performance: Maren Strack

Fri 3. 11. 2023 | 8 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Double Evening Friday Part 2



Not shying away from its literally meaning, the piece (solo) was created to show the journey of migrations and relocations. The life of an artist is always on the move and each relocation comes with its own new ways of survival. The solo is a visualization of a thought through one of the stages of my life as a person as well as an artist and performer. The stage design is a simple and straight forward setting with stones (rocks) which shows the landscape during the thought of the journey while the music provides a calmer meditative feeling to supplement the visuals and movement to bring everything together.

Concept / Performance: Shafiki Sseggayi
Sound design: Donato Deliano

Dramaturgy: Wencke Krieger deMatos
Costumes: Maria Walters

Sat 4. 11. 2023 | 2 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Courtyard

Twin Hunters Corporation

Twin Hunters Corporation

A look around. A diagnosis for the purpose of profit: Modernity is raising us as free individuals. Each one is special; each one is unique. We are privileged and must deal with it. Happiness is a result. If you work hard enough, you can make it happen. But what if your dreams don’t come true? We need excuses. Here is a thought experiment: You are not alone. It‘s not your fault? There may be two of you. We conceptualize the „Twin Therapy“ to explain why you feel powerless and lost. We use the fact that no one remembers the day they were born and so there is a chance that there was another one, a twin. What if this twin is stealing from you, somewhere out there living the life you were supposed to live, taking all your fortune? What is left? We create a fantasy that makes you relax. You are not responsible anymore. As ridiculous as the Twin Therapy sounds, it is as much seductive and profitable. At least for the therapists. It‘s a conspiracy theory but who cares as long as people give everything they have to it. The improbability does not count. Quite the contrary if the most ludicrous thing turns out to be true and you‘ve been telling people for years that you will be a legend. Who doesn‘t want to be a legend?!

Dance, Choreography: Paulina Bedkowska, Leon Stille

Sat 4. 11. 2023 | 7 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Halle
Double Evening Saturday Part 1

The Milky Way©Polina Kozhevnikova

The Milky Way

In the big hands of the world lies my little heart. In my little hands lies the big heart of the world. Can you imagine what it is like to perceive your body as music or as dance? To perceive it as complex, multidimensional and coherent? What is it like to perceive your body as the sea, the forest, the cosmos? Everything in our spinning galaxy would fly off into space if it weren’t for the force of gravity. What if we lose gravity? We often do not understand who we are now and what we can become. We cannot be the same all the time. Any change requires energy. At such moments, we begin to move.

Concept & Performance: Narendra Patil and Iulia Patil

Sat 4. 11. 2023 | 8 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Double Evening Saturday Part 2



In this sound and dance performance, the two artists explore the physical phenomenon of swimming. In a changing experimental set-up of light, sound and moving objects, the boundary between the elements is explored and gravity is invited to be an active player.

An interplay between materials of different textures and the moving human body. For every downward force has an equal upward counterforce, and every movement produces a counter-movement. Can you float while swimming?

Dance and sound objects: Velia Malika Hahnemann
Percussion and sound objects: Olaf Pyras

Sun 5. 11. 2023 | 6 pm | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Deck 1
Closing of the festival

ROOM 340

ROOM 340

A marriage of sound and image. A blend of senses. Room 340 is a place where sounds are seen, and images are heard. Two performers and a succession of events that swing among the line between senseful and senseless, between logical and absurd.

Concept and Choreography: Aurora Magrí, Chiara Leonardi
Dramaturgy and Sound: Zaneta Kesik


Sat 4. 11. 2023 | 15-17 h | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Halle
Workshop with Rosalie Kubny

arrive & unfold

In this workshop we will arrive in order to unfold. We become silent in order to be loud. We become still in order to move. We sink inside in order to express ourselves.

We start from the very basic notion of arriving: arriving at this place, at this moment, at your body, at what is present for you. We create an awareness of what is. We sink deep, let things go until we reach a point, where the connection is made.

From there we start to move, we start to explore. We start from scratch. We start from what is and let this influence our movements, our being, our body, our creativity. From this arrival we start to move and improvise - solo and with the group.

In this workshop we combine meditation practice & authenticity work with movement practice & improvisation in order to explore our movements in new ways.

For amateurs & professionals (Language: German)

Sun 5. 11. 2023 | 15-17 h | Kulturhaus Dock 4 - Halle
Workshop for Professionals with Shafiki Sseggayi

The workshop is developed in a rich and powerful fusion between traditional African dance and my own personal style. My aim is to dig deep into the powerhouse of movement and to uncover the strength within the locomotion of the body as well as making full use of the undulations of the spine. After having established our base strength, the class progresses into the rhythmical section to fuse the grounding actions, readying us for rapid movement - as fast as we can get but also as slow as we wish it to be.

The class combines elements of functional fitness, floor work, coreplay, basic acrobatics and rhythmic footwork patterns. (Language: English)

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