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Tanzhaus temporär N°8


23.2. - 25.2.2024

Kulturhaus Dock 4

Curator: Marie Simson

The 8th edition of the event series Tanzhaus temporär by tanz*werk kassel will take place from 23.02 - 25.02.2024 under the theme Portraits at Kulturhaus Dock 4.

Depending on the context in which portraits or self-portraits are viewed, they can have different effects: the memory of an individual person, the staging and presentation of one's own life reality or the confrontation with various understandings of identity.

The dance performances of Tanzhaus temporär Nº 8 show moving portraits. Dance as a medium has the potential to portray human existence in all its complexity, partly due to the physical presence of the performers on stage. The program of Tanzhaus temporär N° 8 illuminates the theme of moving portraits from different perspectives.

Tickets at the box office or via our ticket area

Tanzhaus-temporär ticket for 3 events: 38€ | reduced 30€
Single ticket | Double evening: 16€ | reduced 12€

Workshop: 25 € | reduced 20€



Fr. 23.2.24 | 19:00h | Dock 4 Halle
Double evening

Ich bin ein Ich

Ich bin ein Ich

The classical, art-historical form of the portrait is representation-oriented. But what constitutes the essence of a person? Doesn't every portrait consist of different identities? What is the source of the body image we have of ourselves? Memories and images manifest themselves in our bodies. Can we attach ourselves to the image of another person and take on their physicality? The piece uses a mix of videos, paintings, drawings, audio recordings and photography to draw a moving portrait and choreographically explore various understandings of identity.

Concept, video, dance: Bettina Helmrich

Photo credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke

Die Körper der Ada Maria Blume

Die Körper der Ada Maria Blume

The film „Die Körper der Ada Maria Blume“, based on the story of the same name, is the portrait of a young woman and accompanies her in her realization to actively move out of her circumstances and take on a new role than her previous one. It pays particular attention to her family dynamics and her role as daughter and wife.
Ada embarks on a journey in which she finds her voice and begins to tell her own story. Along the way, Ada meets people who support her in her empowerment. In general, the film shows the value of narratives and our emergence in them. Kaa Rensing studied at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and moves between costume, film and installation.

Concept: Kaa Rensing

Group production: further participations are noted in the credits

Photo credits: Ysbell Carolina

Sat. 24.2.24 l 19:00h l Dock 4 Halle

Double evening
Die Vergänglichkeit der Gänseblümchen

Die Vergänglichkeit der Gänseblümchen


In the dance theater, video projection, costume, painting, music and dance merge into a dreamy symbiosis and illuminate the symbolic motifs of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who colorfully portrayed her life and fate. The icon's suffering and the integration of this into her artistic work, as well as the choreographer's autobiographical background, are at the heart of the work. Marion worked closely with costume designer Agente Costura, which had a strong influence on the dramaturgy. The video projection creates surreal paintings live on stage, accompanied by the abstract sounds of musician Arash Khodayari. Dynamic, distorted, dreamy and playful - the contours blur and invite you on an atmospheric journey into the subconscious.


Choreography, dance: Marion Sparber 

Live music: Arash Khodayari 

Costume: Agente Costura 

Video projection: Projeto Solo with paintings by Tijana Titin 

Soundrecording: Stefano Ciardi

Outside eye: Deborah Manavi

Inspirired by and with texts from: Frida Kahlo, Tahlia Hunter und María Sabina

Photo credits: Thomas Zelger




Breath by breath I come closer to you.

Faceless, I am facing you.
In this very moment I get contour.
And every cell screams breathe more.

A solo about the banality and extraordinarity of life. An intimate portrait of one who could be anyone and everyone. But it is her.

Choreography: Marion Sparber in co-creation with Deborah Manavi

Performance & Production: Deborah Manavi
Original music: Stefano Ciardi
Video: Eva Eyrich

Inspired by and with texts by Mahvash Sabet, Khalil Gibran, Michael Ende.


The production was funded by Kulturamt Kassel, Dr. Wolfgang Zippel-Stiftung and Zukunftsstiftung Mensch und Gesellschaft.

Sun. 25.2.23 l 18:00h l Dock 4 Halle



I would describe myself as "me".

I want to be "me".

I will present myself as "me".

I will let the "me" in me come out.

I will let others think I am "me" ... and you see. 


A hybrid form of self-portrait, examined and reflected over a period of time, which raises a question of intimacy. Which self is shown? It's about revealing something, bringing something to life. 

The decision to present oneself can bring about a so-called state of grace. Thus protrahere has the sense of drawing forth, drawing out, extending or bringing to light.

Concept, choreography and performance: Deborah Smith-Wicke

Music: Albrecht Ziepert and Tabea Schrenk / Soundtrack Editing: Deborah Smith-Wicke

Dramaturgy: Gabriela Branco

Lighting design: Iria Arenas 

Costumes & stage: Deborah Smith-Wicke / Swing: Michael Wicke

Photo credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke

Sun. 25.2.23 l 12:00-15:15 (inkl. Pause) l Venue: SOZO visions in motion

Workshop mit Marion Sparber.jpeg

Workshop with Marion Sparber

In this workshop we want to explore new territories by using everything we have as an instrument for expression and performance: Body, voice, our imagination, autobiographical experiences, feelings, our background and knowledge, dreams and visions, as well as working with objects and space. By experimenting with all these elements, we try to discover new facets of ourselves. We playfully step out of our comfort zone again and again, strive for surprise and immerse ourselves in the work of physical theater. By feeling and moving as different characters, we bring them to life, constantly creating new extensions of ourselves.


The workshop is suitable for all levels and backgrounds.

Teacher: Marion Sparber

Photo Credits: Daniel Nartschick

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