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Tanzhaus temporär N°4

The Outsider's Perspective
14.04. - 16.04.2023
Kulturhaus Dock 4 Kassel

In April, tanz*werk kassel presents the fourth edition of its event series Tanzhaus temporär. While the previous Tanzhaus temporär was about the roots in dance, traditions and the breaking up of traditions, the current Tanzhaus temporär N°4 deals with the feeling of not belonging, isolation and the collective experience of censorship.

The programme of Tanzhaus temporär N°4 promises a multi-faceted examination of the concept of the "outsider".

The tanz*werk kassel is looking forward to a large audience and a refreshing discussion about the performances.

Tickets at the box office or via our ticket area
Tanzhaus-temporär ticket for
3 events: 38€ | reduced 30€
Single ticket: 16€ | reduced 12€

*Reservations: info (at)


Fr. 14.04.2023 | 19:30 | Dock 4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardistr.


Maladjusted Betwixt
Performance Lecture with Gab Branco

How to start at the beginning, if things happen before to happen?
Clarice Lispector, "The hour of the star"
Lispector’s words resonate with me about the suddenness of things happening, before we are getting prepared for them, and the consistency of this fact for most of the important things I lived. I keep saying to myself that to allow the uncontrolled to step into my life is allowing oneself to move with it finding harmony in each collision and clash. It is dwelling in the fusion of such chaos. After all, control is an utopia. Since I left Brazil in 2019, I’ve been experiencing an endless (un)learning process of living in Germany, which my Brazilian roots traverses each aspect of this adaptation. It is a daily dynamic. It is resilience. It is being led by the unknown. There were so many unwished reasons to leave Brazil which were not lesser than my desire to stay. This performance lecture approaches the utmost feeling of being maladjusted in between two or more cultures, questioning the sense of belongness(less) and what it means to transgress the polarisation of here and there.

Concept, Dramaturgy, Performance & Voice: Gab Branco

Photo: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€


Sat. 15.04.2023 | 10-13 | Dock 4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardistr.

Fissure Practice
Co-lab with Gab Branco


This practice sums my 2 years artistic research from my Master’s in performance practices, ArtEZ-NL. This is one of its contributions focused on community building as an art practice. I came up with the format of a co-lab, which frames a co-creation in collaboration. Each participant is welcomed and invited to dive in their lived experiences, enquiry their vulnerabilities and share what they feel comfortable – practicing the breaking of their silences. The co-lab approaches autoethnography and aims to connect people through their experiences unravelling what it means to practice co-existence to raises criticality on the entanglement of one’s life within the system one lives.

  • We will read, write, move, release, and dive in a performative protest – individual and collective.

  • We’ll finish the co-lab with a performative experience of sharing.

* This activity is offered in English and no experience on dance is required. It is open for artists of all backgrounds and interested people, but not recommended for children.

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

Sat. 15.04.2023 | 19:30 | Dock 4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardistr.


F2F - face to face
How do we get in touch with each other (again)? A dancer and an actor want to get out of isolation and meet again. Who am I alone? How does a rapprochement take place? With and between body and language, the two try to distil the essence of communication in images: how are social interaction and being human interwoven? And when is being alone the better alternative?

Choreography & Performance: Agnetha Jaunich, Dominik Bliefert
Concept: Patrizia Schuster, Agnetha Jaunich
Music: Krystian Krewniak
Stage & Costume: Kerstin Laube

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

Sun. 16.04.2023 | 19:30 | Dock 4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardistr.
Double evening


Sense Or?
Sense Or? is an interdisciplinary project at the interface of installation
of installation, interactive media and performance art.
Drawing an analogy between the aftermath of individual trauma experiences and the collective experience of censorship, the project plays with the concepts of censorship, the somatic effects of the unspoken, being the oppressed and the oppressor, silence and silencing.... Can we discover ways of connecting through an interactive digital medium and create an opportunity for collective healing in a ritualistic way?

Project design, direction & performance: Belçim Yavuz
Interaction design: Valeriia Shakhova & Belçim Yavuz
Collaboration, technical design: Valeriia Shakhova
Sound design: Jordan White

We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness
The duet is inspired by George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984" and the surrealist paintings of Rene Magritte. In the piece, the dancers enter a seemingly utopian society in which people's lives are constantly monitored and unconsciously manipulated. A civilisation in which people stage a life in order to fulfil a script. It is a game of knowing and not knowing reality, a "game" of lying to loved ones.

The play aims to resonate with the audience and connect them to personal experiences. Individual perception and reflection remains open and is not defined by the performers, which can raise questions, open up discussions and create a sense of unease.

Choreography and Performance: Selene Martello, Dario Wilmington
Concept: Selene Martello
Music: Dario Wilmington - rework of Margaret Noble "Fracture

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

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