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Tanzhaus temporär N°5

Dance and Matter
09.06. - 11.06.2023

Feinmechanik - Wilhelmshöher Allee 174 Kassel

Curator: Velia Malika Hahnemann

In June, tanz*werk Kassel presents the fifth edition of its Tanzhaus temporär event series. This time it's about dance and matter.

As apparent opposites, the one emerges from the other.

We live in a world that is able to touch us inwardly and outwardly.

And that is exactly what we invite you to our fifth Tanzhaus temporär.

Let yourself be touched by the works of the artists who deal with the theme in their own way.

This time the venue is the Feinmechanik in the backyard of Wilhelmshöher Allee 174 (barrier-free access).

Tickets at the box office or via our ticket area
Tanzhaus-temporär ticket for 3 events: 38€ | reduced 30€
Single ticket: 16€ | reduced 12€

*Reservations: info (at)


Fr. 09.06.23 | 19:30 | Feinmechanik | Wilhelmshöher Allee 174

Bild Plastic bag + Titelbild Flyer.jpg

Plastic bag


Femininity is a product. A mass product that can be bought in a shop. Determined to achieve full-fledged femininity, Yulia Arsen goes to the shop with a plastic bag to buy it at a reasonable price.


Ironic, honest and intimate, Arsen plays in this play with the clichés about what it means to be a woman and to question one's gender identity.

Choreography and performance: Yulia Arsen

Photo: Claudiu Popescu

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

Duration 40 min


Sat. 10.06.2023 | 10:00-12:30 | Feinmechanik | Wilhelmshöher Allee 174

Bild Workshop Foto_ Marie Simson.jpg

Body matters

Dance-Movement Workshop

with Sarantoula Sarantaki

Matter of the moving body....

Matter as physical body material - nature of bones, fluids, skin....

Matter - mater - mother as the origin and source of movement....

What lives in matter and what moves it?


In this workshop we move through a multidimensional web of embodied information that weaves together anatomical information and kinetic imagery to expand our somatic library and experience of the moving body. We engage with different layers and textures of physical matter, moving from subtle and meditative to dynamic states.

With our body as material, but also with other physical materials, we playfully find an authentic and immediate expression through spontaneity.


The workshop is for people with and without dance experience.

Also suitable for people with physical disabilities.

English language, with German translation if needed.

Einzelticket: 16 € | ermäßigt 12€

Sat. 10.06.2023 | 10-12:30 | Feinmechanik | Wilhelmshöher Allee 174

Bild Bevor die Zei zerrinnt....jpeg

Bevor die Zeit zerrinnt…


A dance piece on infinity.

Is then the same as now and later? A condition under which I exist, existed and presumably will exist and from a certain point on slowly dissolve, disintegrate without the conditions changing...? The dancer Angela Elsa Reimuth and the musician Ben McArthur take you into a world of sand, spherical guitar sounds, movement, emergence and decay.

Concept and performance: Angela Elsa Reimuth
Music: Ben McArthur

Visuals: Beatrixé & Angela Elsa Reimuth

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

Duration 180 min

*After the performance we invite you to celebrate and dance together to the music of McArthur.

*Free admission

So. 11.06.23 | 19:30 Uhr | Feinmechanik | Wilhelmshöher Allee 174


Im Rausch von 1000 Rauschen


In the video installation and performance, the artist directs our attention to the aesthetics of involuntary movement. How and by what means do surfaces, materials, fabrics and their texture move and change, and how do we perceive this? The short piece tries to find the pulse of the minimal movements in the video also in the dancing body. How does perception in digital, two-dimensional space differ from perception in real, three-dimensional space?

Concept and performance: Marie Simson

Photo: Marie Simson

Duration 20 min.

body of land


is an instant composition of dance, light and sound. In the quartet, the four artists work with these (immaterial) materials and create a nature, a marketplace. It is an encounter for the first and the 1000th time. A collection of individual images that tell something about the life already lived, about nascent longing and particles of loved ones. The work invites the viewer to create the space together by observing and sharing.


Dance: Sarantoula Sarantaki & Rosalie Kubny

Lighting design: Iria Arenas

Sound design: Aura Antikainen

Duration 20 min

Single ticket: 16 € | reduced 12€

20 minutes per performance with a break in between

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