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Tanzhaus temporär N°7


29.9. - 1.10.2023

Curator: Rosalie Kubny

In between the known and the unknown is the title of the 7th Tanzhaus temporär, a series of events organized by tanz*werk kassel since 2022. 

What do we know? What remains hidden from us? What can we reveal and what always remains unconscious? What is this place where the known and the unknown meet? What is there to be found?


The Tanzhaus temporär N°7 invites you to meet at this place and to dive into the known and the unknown. The individual performances deal with these spheres in different ways. In compositions of the moment, the unconscious comes to light and the artists dare to stay in this place. Once they did the step into the unknown, they move in this sphere between the known and the unknown.

Tickets at the box office or via our ticket area

Tanzhaus-temporär ticket for 3 events: 38€ | reduced 30€
Single ticket | Double evening: 16€ | reduced 12€

One-to-One-Performance: 7,5 € | reduced 5€

Workshop: 18 € | reduced13 €



Fr. 29.09.23 | 19:00h | Dock4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardi-Straße
Double evening plus Q&A

Field Scores.png

The Instrument | Field Scores 

Field Scores is an audio, movement and photography collage which evolves from and focuses on outdoor/indoor environments, through investigating the correlation between space, sound and gesture. An articulattion of listening, while engaging with one's poetic awareness towards surroundings. An interplay between emerging / disappearing elements of performance, each score interprets urban and natural spaces; intuitively, instinctively and emotionally.

dance, photography, sound and voice: Maya M. Carroll

music and sound: Roy Carroll

co-produced and supported by Lake Studios Berlin


Spin Tuner

Spin Tuner responds to two years of isolation, restrictions and power control over mass population in the name of science. A state of neurosis under which the body and mind are in a constant vacuum of fear and pressure; propagated to live and think by rules that deny the essence of living. Within a spin of rapid changes, a medieval figure portrays the struggle for purpose and independence, as she races against the many voices that speak to her and through her; making sense and making no sense at all.

choreography and dance: Maya M. Carroll

music: Rockets for Kary Mullis by Evan Parker

made in response to a commission from the Sons d'Hiver Festival

headpiece: Federico Polucci


Q&A mit Maya & Roy

Choreographer Maya M. Carroll and composer Roy Carroll work together under the name The Instrument. They create works that are unflinchingly sensual and characterized by an almost molecular tactility and vibrancy. Working closely with a diverse group of artists, The Instrument takes an integrative approach that starts from a clear movement and sound aesthetic and infuses all aspects of the work, scenography, lighting design, graphics and visual art.

Maya and Roy have been working together since 2006 and have created over 40 stage works. 

After the performance they will show at Tanzhaus temporär, they will answer questions and engage in an artistic exchange with the audience. The audience is invited to share questions, suggestions, inspirations created during the performance and to discuss with the artists Maya and Roy.

Photo Credits: Sandra Camey

Sat. 30.09.23 | Time slot 18-19 h // 20:15-21:15 h

Dock4 Studiobühne Deck1 | Oberste Gasse

15 min One-To-One Performance (8 slots available)

Registration required!



Let me see you seeing me


One moving body, one chair, one pair of eyes.

Come along.

A performance of one on one, for one pair of eyes.

It is an invitation to the public to take the chance and come as one individual at a time, take a seat and witness a sharing space with a solo moving body for 15 min.

An open invitation to experience the connection of the singularity of one's body, a dance for one pair of eyes, to see and been seen.


For participation, please book your place in advanced.

Dance & Performance: Sarantoula Sarantaki

Tickets only by reservation via and cash payment on site.

Sa. 30.09.23 | 19:15h | Dock 4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardi-Straße

Bettina Ich bin nicht du.jpg

"Ich bin nicht Du, was gibt es mehr"

a multi-layered dance performance

Do we understand each other? I say blue, you say blue. I have the blue of the
sky, you have the deep black blue of the night in front of your eyes. What do we understand
from each other?
The dance performance deals with the differences in translating of what is perceived.
- I see something that you do not see. -
There is a space in the in-between of the different perceptions.
Does understanding succeed there? With the translation the performer shows
her view of things. The question of truth remains.

Concept and Performance: Bettina Helmrich

Sun. 01.10.23 | 16:00 -17:30 h | Dock 4 Kursraum | Karl-Bernhardi-Straße 

Workshop Fall into Chaos  © K-H Mierke #Buehnenlicht MZ6_6714.jpg

Fall into Chaos – Movement Exploration Flow


What movements emerge when our body takes the lead? 

Agnetha uses contemporary dance improvisation and principles of body anatomy mixed with breath work to create a constant flow of movement in which the dance floor becomes a playground of possibilities. 

Through sensory overload, we break through familiar movement patterns and discover our bodies as an infinite resource for dance and movement. 

All levels, ages, nations, gender welcome.

Workshop leader: Agnetha Jaunich

Photo Credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke

Sun. 01.10.23 | 18:00 h | Dock4 Studiobühne Deck1| Oberste Gasse
Double evening

die Lücke im gezeichnetet Kreis onCe_2023_A7400300©FotoJenniferRohrbacher.jpg

die lücke im gezeichneten kreis

the gap in the drawn circle


what do we see when we look into the distance surrounded by fog?

the layer in between is what sparks our interest.

connections between the duration of vision and the vastness of sight.


marking space.   breathing space.   moving space.


it is the gap in the drawn circle that irritates us.




Mareike Steffens is a freelance dancer, movement artist, performer and teacher.

She is interested in composing in real time in the interplay of the dancing body, live music and poetry with a wish to circumnavigate intermediate tones and open up insights into points of contact.

Her devotion goes to create spaces of experience that become visible in the momentary nature of movement.

Photo Credits: Jennifer Rohrbacher

Sun. 01.10.23 | 19:00 h | Dock4 Halle | Karl-Bernhardi-Straße

META Kassel.jpg


Immersion in the world of dreams, in the world of the unconscious. Concrete and bizarre at the same time, longings and fears appear in the form of absurd figures and sceneries in our dreams. Reality shifts and shows seemingly incoherent abstract figures. Behind this lies a piece of truth, a piece of vulnerability, which we cleverly conceal. 

Choreography & Performance: Paula Moré

Costume and set design: Vera Moré

Many thanks to the collaboration of Dalia Velandia and Iria Arenas

Photo Credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke

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