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Call for applications for the dance and performance festival RAW - tanzwerke 2023

With the title RAW - tanzwerke 2023 the tanz*werk kassel organizes a dance and performance festival in Kassel from 30.10. - 05.11.2023. The festival takes place within the framework of a TANZPAKT grant and is the first festival of its kind in Kassel. With the goal of networking between artists from Kassel and other cities, the festival will be under the term [raw /rɔː/: raw, pure, elementary, original, impulsive, unadulterated, naked, original]. Pieces are sought that deal with the concrete body, have a strong physicality, and work on elemental themes of contemporary dance and performance.

We are looking for pieces with extraordinary artists' signatures, essential form-finding for socially relevant content, interdisciplinary works (e.g. into the installation or digital realm), and public spaces ......
Solo as well as ensemble pieces are possible.

The festival takes place in the Kulturhaus Dock 4 in Kassel. Two stages are available (studio stage 8m x 10m; hall 300m2 (can be used variably or with fixed stage 10m x 11m) Info about the venue: The technical support is provided by the technicians of Dock 4.

Plans of Halle and Studiobühne Dock 4


  • Grandstand 10m wide and 5m deep (approx. 15 chairs per row).

  • The stage area is approx. 12m deep and 10m wide.

  • The trusses are equipped with conventional Fresnel and Par spotlights. Back and front truss additionally with LED Pars.

  • 4 loudspeakers on the trusses and 4 monitors (in each corner) on the stage area.

  • Backstage behind the backdrop.

  • Black or white billboard possible.

  • FOH (technical area) behind the grandstand.

Studiobühne (Studio stage)

  • On deck1 there is a PA system at the back left and right (which can be used for the audience as well as for monitoring).

  • The FOH is located in the auditorium left. equipped with PC, lighting and sound control.

  • Floodlights are almost exclusively warm LEDs and RGBW colour pars.

  • The side lighting is still conventional with ADB F51 spotlights.


​Application conditions

* Professional working artists in Germany
* Pieces for adult audiences
* Pieces between 30 and 60 min or installations

Application digitally via Application form
Deadline: 28. February 2023

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